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The BC Limousine Association (BCLA) is dedicated to promoting quality service and standards in the Limousine industry. BC Limousine Association (BCLA) established by group of limousine operators in British Columbia to unify, protect, and promote the growing limousine industry. As of now we face many issues in this industry. As a group we want to discuss these issues within the limo industry. We want to call on all limousine operators in British Columbia to become a member of Limousine Association (BCLA). As of now no one care for limo industry just because we don’t have one voice. Simply Taxis in Metro Vancouver don’t pay any toll just because they have a voice. Every limo will be paying $3 every time we go over the bridge. In Most of our transfer trips we will go thru the bridge about 4 times. In our opinion we should be exempt from this toll as we use HOV lane with 8-12 people in each limo. That is take 3-4 cars off the road. Charging toll to our customer will cost them that much extra and they might avoid this eco-friendly transportation. We need to Come together and fight for this. The purpose of the BCLA is to provide Province wide and local industry to exchange the information pertaining to issues, including regulatory and legislative. Those impact the member companies of the BCLA, and to advance the interest of the BC limo industry and its members before the regulatory authorities.

BC Limousine Association (BCLA) wants to bring many other issues front of the BC transportation minister and passenger transportation board. Main issues are allowing light drinking like beers or bottle of wine in the limos. We want to ask transportation minister to make one chauffeur permit in every city. We want only one for hire plate rather than getting different for hire plates from every city. We want Passenger transportation board to enforce all rule and regulations. If passenger transportation board wants to set minimum and maximum rates then they need to enforce them.

We will be asking every member limo companies for their input to save limousine industry. We are losing our standard thus losing our business. We strongly believe, we need one strong voice, one standard for every Limo Company, one set of rules for all and enforcement from passenger transportation board.


July 23, 2013
BCLA Meeting
We will be getting together to discuss all the issues facing Limousine Industry....

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